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100% modular system for assembly of sanitary
conveyors from catalogue shelf parts. Individually
tailored conveyors assembled from standard kits.
The INTERSLAT system is based on three principles:
a. Basic sections:
     Drive section for straight and/or curved runs in all combinations
     Intermediate section for straight and/or curved runs
     Til/idler section for all combinations
b. Assembly of basic sections in all combinations (type,width, single/mult parallel line, straight and/or curved)
    in afully modular way, with infinite possibilities of assembly and disassembly
c. Longitudinal components-typical walls which conform to all combination. Transversal compoents connecting
    between the longitudinal walls in various widths according to needs.
The INTERSLAT system eliminates the need to manufacture conveyor parts and offers all necessary items
of the shelf in kit form.
The components are designed and tested to meet all engineering requirements needed to assure complete
success in the construction and long trem operation of the conveyors.
The INTERSLAT system allows future changes in the conveyor, according to needs,without additional effort,
waste or damage.
The INTERSLAT system flexibility solves basic conveyor layout design and meets site requirements and limitaions.
To assemble conveyors with the INTERSLAT system, there is no need for special tools or skills.
The INTERSLAT system justifies your investment and protects its value for long time.
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